Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday Kitchen

Somehow the kitchen became a priority this past week. The dishes were attacked and the floor scrubbed. Even the trash can received attention. Mom came for the day on Saturday to sew curtains for the studio and the kitchen. The colors of robin egg blues and scarlet reds are taking over the kitchen. The apple and pear curtains are just perfect for the new color pallet. The table was gussied up with the recent additions of an embroidered table cloth and turquoise salt and pepper shakers. I just inherited the floral dishtowel from mom (it used to be Grandma's), and mom picked up the apple and checker glasses for a quarter at a church rummage sale. My African Violet was in need of love and was re potted too. Note: Yes, that is a watermelon still visiting from our Fifth of July picnic.

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claire-elizabeth said...

your kitchen is adorable! I love the curtains!