Saturday, August 23, 2008


It is dinner time....but this painting had to get done. We are terrible people when we are hungry or late for meals. We (the husband and I ) become very moody---we loose our sense of humor and all our patience with each other. Many a vacation has almost been ruined because we put off having lunch or skipped breakfast. So in order to save the marriage I had to first finish the Salutations Bunnies...and now I am off to shower..and then, of course, dinner.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dirty Dishes

There is a harvest of dirty dishes in the sink. The laundry mountain is caving in. Dust bunnies are organizing in corners. The bath tub is weeping to be scrubbed. Okay, so maybe things are a little better or little worse than described. But I just had to so this little painting of the Greetings Bot before my Friday came to a close. He is number two in the postcard series swap (that I must mail by August 30Th). One more to go! As always I will try to cram two days of house work into another Saturday afternoon---tomorrow.


WOW! Forever ago theses fantastically splendid boots were ordered from the Wild Cowboy. I almost forgot about them until my husband found the box on the porch this morning. My little sister was the one in the family that had a youth spent on horses (now and then). Somewhere there are pictures of her in cowgirl boots, chaps, hat, and a duster. Me? I think in my past, at some point, I did pet a horse on its muzzle. I think. The whole reason I am being faithful to the gym is to reach some of the dreams I have in going on a serious mountain bike trip with the husband and horseback riding with my sis. Who knew a pink pair of boots could represent so much?

For The Love of Duckie

Last night was a "let's stay up and watch a cheesy John Hughes eighties movie" night. We were up until four in the morning with Some Kind of Wonderful. Prior to last night I have always had a love/hate relationship with Pretty in Pink. I am a big supporter of Duckie (meaning I would have pursued him in my teendom cute, sarcastic, and loyal...). So by the end of the movie I am at an emotional loss because her prom dress makes me nauseous and she chooses the tweed over Duckie. Last night was my initial introduction to Some Kind of Wonderful. Somehow it has been off my radar over the years. And I think it has eclipsed dear Pretty Pink as 80's teen love-angst genres go (Note: Breakfast Club is the supreme. Period). There is some real feminism sprinkled deliciously through out the movie. And my girl Watts... I would have been her best friend if I were cool enough back in the day. Long rock the Duckies and Watts of this world.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Shall Wear Purple

When I am an old woman I shall wear more purple....and green grass blouses filled with happy stars...and necklaces of Saint Frankenstein. Such things are joyous.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strange Thing

Strange things happening in the kitchen today. Dinner for One: Fried Zucchini. Yes, a meal was actually made before work. It must be the moon. Oh, it filled the house with such a warm aroma...making it feel like a cozy happy home...if even for an hour.