Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tonight the husband and I had dinner with some friends who also happen to be struggling artists. One of the most difficult things (for the likes of us who graduated with art degrees and big dreams) is trying to figure out the dynamics of networking. How to get your work out there in the world and seen by other people. Over veggie burgers and a few amaretto sours we discussed what my husband calls our Master Plan. Studio= check. Blog= check. Research fairs (ie. Chicago trip)= check. Interacting in art communities= my new project. This little Hello Gnome is the first in a series of paintings for an art swap involving postcards. The requirement is to design three post cards to send to three other artists...and in return I too will get post cards via the postal service from other craftsters. To be simple, art is about making connections. I hope this art swap will be fruitful...and fun.

Psst! Picnic

Little did I know that in between work and slumber this week my sister was planning a Friday afternoon picnic. I vaguely remember the husband mentioning to me to get charcoal, beverages and the like. My last day at work I came home and crashed sans the picnic products I was supposed to purchase. Thus, on Friday morning we ran around crazy style trying to pull it all together. We made it to the sister's hour behind schedule. And I admit, that means we were pretty much on time for us, but late to everyone else. Luckily these cupcakes and their companions helped save the day. The picnic and my sister were awesome. What a good Friday.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fan Club

I am a nerd. I am addicted to books. One entire little room of our place is dedicated to housing the collection of reading materials. Children's books, art books, cook books...With all the reading that I have crammed into my life I have stumbled upon a few books and authors that sing to me, dance with me. Make me feel alive. (note these books would be The Passion, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, and The Invention of Everything Else). And I have read books that serve as the movie popcorn for my nerdy head. One of the best classes that I took for pleasure in college was Young Adult Literature. Here I received the opportunity to read books that were quick, good, and satisfying. In this vain (and with a deep breath) I declare that I am a Twilight fan. So enamored am I by this simple book about vampires in love that I was inspired to create-up some fan art. I loved making this quaint piece of book-nerd-fan-art. And I think I shall do some more very soon related to other books that I treasure....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mister Snyder, My Nemesis

Excursions to the gym have been a good thing. It is nice to have a gym buddy. I tend to be a bit on the non-social side (especially after a long night at work dealing with third shift dramas). When my gym buddy M is able to be in sync with my gym times things go much smoother. Listening to her talk in the morning makes the miles and minutes flash along. I am so blessed to have such a friendship in my life--even if much of it, for the moment, is taking place as we sweat away the time on the ellipse machines that we both covet. A special thanks to Mister Snyder of Berlin's Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Potato Chips. Because of you and your tastey addictive potato chip wonder I am positive my gym friendship will continue to flourish.


In my youth I thought I was amazing smart and a bit edgy. My ego told me that I would never become like a particular aunt in our family (via marriage). Aunt B has been stuck in 1964 for a very very long time. She has had the same hair style, glasses, and fashion sense since that time period. It seemed to work for her at that time and she has stuck with the style that made her feel comfortable. To others, well, she appears dated. When I looked in the mirror today I realized that I too have become dated. I think I am stuck in 1994-1996. I have wanted to upgrade but when I have tried I still opt for the doc martins, the black glasses, the endless stacks of white, black and grey t-shirts and old blue jeans. As I work to put more art in my life, I realized I needed to put more fashion sense into myself. This is a challenge due to the fact that I am a terrible shopper. I have very little time or patience. Hence why I end up choosing the staple t-shirts and jeans. So for our Chicago trip next month I will spice up the wardrobe. The t-shirts will be staying home. And if I am feeling brave...maybe a drastic haircut (for the first time in almost 10 years). I am crossing my fingers that I can survive this challenge and avoid becoming a new generation of Aunt B.