Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tonight the husband and I had dinner with some friends who also happen to be struggling artists. One of the most difficult things (for the likes of us who graduated with art degrees and big dreams) is trying to figure out the dynamics of networking. How to get your work out there in the world and seen by other people. Over veggie burgers and a few amaretto sours we discussed what my husband calls our Master Plan. Studio= check. Blog= check. Research fairs (ie. Chicago trip)= check. Interacting in art communities= my new project. This little Hello Gnome is the first in a series of paintings for an art swap involving postcards. The requirement is to design three post cards to send to three other artists...and in return I too will get post cards via the postal service from other craftsters. To be simple, art is about making connections. I hope this art swap will be fruitful...and fun.


Kindred Spirits Photography said...

I love your little gnome peeking out to say Hello!!! He is like the brave one who dared to be seen. I just know there are dozens more like him hiding in those little purple flowers!!!!!!

The Hunky Gardener said...

Get your gnome on! That is awesome!