Saturday, August 9, 2008


This dignified zucchini and his lady friend cucumber came for a visit via my friend's M garden. They are so adorable and have such distinct personalities. Little do they know how much I enjoy fried zucchini as well as fresh cucumber tossed with an onion and sour cream. Yum, the taste of garden goodness.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sun Chasing

After my husband read my last blog entry we decided to scurry ourselves out of the house and chase the sun. It was a perfect day. And we only had so much time to spare before he had to report to work. We grabbed a lunch and headed to one of our favorite spots. Back in the day we used to come here and skip rocks. This creek has the best combination. It has a great selection of flat rocks and relatively calm sections of water for fantastic skipping distance. Note: the first time my husband ever skipped a rock in his life was right here with me many, many, many pretty moons ago. I feel better with a bit of summer sun in me and better for getting a bit of husband time.

Lonely Island

This past week has been pretty rough at the work place. Two mornings in a row I wanted to hand in my keys and just walk away from the negative chaos that thrives in my work environment. Working nights I miss the sun, my family, friends, and the husband. It is a lonely island. Above are the little things that have brought some good to my days:
  • Bananas: I discovered that they really do help tired muscles and still taste good with peanut butter.
  • Izze: According to the label it is good for you---providing two servings of fruit that somebody at the USDA says you should have every day. Taste good + good for you = new favorite after gym tasty beverage.
  • i-pod cozy: It makes me feel young and hip in the sea of silver hair at the gym. Plus it is now filled with the most awesome music my husband selected for me---like a giant mix tape.
  • Pens: So cheap, so cute. I have to buy more! Bonus: the pens write in the color of the cap (I found this out when I started to write the rent check in hot pink).
  • Tumbler: Featuring the new favorite color combination dominating my domestic life---blue and red. Custom made for me by Naomi Cleary Ceramics.

Six Degrees of Obama Peaches

These are possibly the most precious peaches. To others I have been referring to them as my Obama Peaches. The peaches found their way to me via my splendid friend and fellow artist, M. She brought them to the gym one morning along with a large dignified zucchini. On a following gym day I heard from M that Obama had stopped at a local orchard market. She so lovingly picked these peaches at the same market that Obama purchased peaches for all the reporters in tow. It pleases me to know that our peaches were once waiting in the bushels next to the same peaches that would feed the campaign trail paparazzi. I can imagine his simple pleasure in enjoying these pretty peaches full of the taste of summer...and the kindness of friends.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dusk bunnies

Sundays are difficult. I have to report to work at 8 PM after having my days off. It is confusing for my body and my mind trying to figure out when and if I should sleep or be awake....if I am going to be rested before I go into work. My solution was my new Sunday Vow: to start making a bit of art in the morning, followed by an early afternoon nap. This ties into the next step of the great art escape. Since the studio is basically done, the next step is to get creating again. Dusk Bunnies is my first dip into painting in quite a few months.
The sketch
Laying the groundwork
All filled in
Tah-Dah: The Dusk Bunnies!