Friday, July 25, 2008

Dr. Teeth

The last time I went to the dentist I was 18 years old. It was my last cleaning before I went away to college and my father dropped me from his insurance. It would be well over a decade until I could afford my own insurance. Today I went to the dentist for a cleaning. I feared that they would open my mouth and play cavity bingo. Instead it took the very sincere dental hygienist almost an hour to clean the tartar from my bottom two front teeth. Gross, I know. It was so painful. Silent streams of tears rolled down my cheeks as she scraped, and scraped, and scraped. Scrape, scrape. Tears, tears. She asked about the last time I had a cleaning. I sat silent with my eyes closed. I apologized. She said only those two teeth were a concern. The rest appeared fine. I explained that I have inherited my mother's pretty teeth. Except that the bottom two were my father's. She had to stop several times so I could calm myself. I was beginning to tremor. I asked her if my teeth were going to come loose. When the cleaning was over she went to get the doctor. He smiled and shook my hand, looked me in the eye and asked if I was okay. They both were very sweet and kind. He looked in my mouth and found a mouth free of cavities. I was in shock. He said I had a healthy set of teeth and a nice smile...and of course that the cleaning job looked great. After he left the little room the dental hygienist made me promise to come back in six months. And she promised she would do the next cleaning herself and that it would be much easier for my mouth the next time around. Then she let me look at my teeth in the mirror. My teeth---it was a different smile looking back at me. I cried and let the tears of my embarrassment out. I am due back in January. I will be there. And in the mean time I pledge to floss and rinse...

Tiny Joys

Silly. Goofy. Slap-happy. These are terms usually reserved for other people other than myself. Words others would use to describe me: serious, reserved, analytical. I tour with my store manager during the last hour that I work on my shift. It is obvious at this point I am tired....and my character morphs into those words that describe a person a little on the daffy side. This is leading to the misinterpretation to others that I enjoy working third shift. Pictured above are some items that have brought joy to my face as I survive the morning tours. So much so, that I had to bring them home. Yes, that is Isaac from the Love Boat. And yes, when you open the card it plays the theme from the show. And, um, yes, when I hear that theme song I tend to disco dance....just a little. Next it 's Tuck the Turtle. He is from some animated television show that I am told children adore. Yesterday morning was the first time I have met the superhero turtle with his jaunty little french sailor cap. What a wonderful combination! As we toured the store I played the card for every associate that we encountered, did my little disco and introduced them to the superhero french turtle. It dawned on me later that my store manager may have been annoyed at such bizarre and joyous behavior. After all, I was supposed to be "working". Oh, the shoes came from the competitor down the road. I adore these shoes that remind me of strawberries. To spread the joy I will send the card out to the next available birthday person I know, the turtle is going in a baby welcome home gift package, and the shoes will stay with me for a tiny bit of joy in my step this summer.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sea of Slumber

Humph. The outside is just splendid today. Fluffy clouds and light breezes. I lust after such summer days. Alas, my heavy eyes and lead legs have other plans. In order to slumber my way through such vivid days I resort to an eye mask. I feel like Mrs. Roper when I crawl into bed. It works. The sunshine day will pass while I dream of other pretty things....(oh, I have friendly company coming this weekend for some arts and craft the husband and I will be in clean team mode---which the husband just loves---and I will take some pictures of the studio in action to post. Promise).

Monday, July 21, 2008


At work, among my peers I tend to be classified as a liberal, hippie, tree hugging democrat. They planted the seed of a self-fulfilling prophecy and out sprouted Obama hanging from my ear. These great earrings also came with a couple of button surprises. I plan on wearing the earrings on my trip to Chicago...and maybe the buttons to work....if my peers can handle it.