Saturday, August 30, 2008

So Vain

It may have been a triple dog dare from the husband....but I did it today. Fourteen inches of my hair was clipped and prepared to send to Wigs for Kids. Yes, fourteen inches. Back in December my hair was below the backs of my knees and I had close to a yard cut off in order to style my hair for my brother's wedding. So today I do feel a bit every time I see my reflection I am still a bit shocked at the change. The decade old librarian school marm bun may be gone but I am forever a librarian at heart.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Eight is Enough

Last night I went into work on my night off (silly me). Before I left my car NPR was giving me speech updates from the Democratic Convention. I hung on as long as I could waiting for Obama's speech. Alas it would have to wait until three in the morning when I came home and watched history on the Internet. It was worth the wait. A fellow co-worker is very anti-Obama and often questions why I believe this man is qualified to be our President. This is an odd line of questioning for me to understand....for a position a hand full of people have ever had the privilege of attaining via the American voter. For me it is most important that he is intelligent, compassionate, confident, analytical, and personable. With these elements a person can lead---can initiate change. All these things are missing in our current administration. When I hear Obama speak I hear a bit of my self. Win or loose, my husband and I plan on being at the swearing in of our next President---to cheer for the first African-American President or to witness America's refusal for change with the addition of McCain to the White House. I want to be there when it happens---instead of watching it hours later as it unfolds on the home computer. And for those that adore McCain---that is great for you. Vote McCain. Vote Obama. Just be heard and VOTE.

New York, New York

The first post card has arrived from the post card SWAP I am part of this month. It hails from New York City. It is great to receive a little bit of free art in the post. As for the post cards I made---they will find their merry way into the mail tomorrow. We are currently researching other methods for making my paint dabbles into post cards (and maybe baby sized prints) other than the local mass retail printer. For any one that leaves a comment over the next week before my vacation arrives I will send one of the post cards of the Hello Gnome, Salutations Bunnies, or the Greeting Bot---as a "thank you" for visiting and for your support into this art venture. The month of July was about getting online in to the craftster world...August was about getting some product made...and the September goal is to have something to offer the craftster world from my art heart.

Monday, August 25, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Oh! My! Huzzah! Hooray! What a splendid Monday! Over the a daze of sleep...I entered some drawings on a very nifty site that sponsors stuff from the art hearts of etsy. Onthedotcreations picked me as the winner for Giveaway 19! If my dear friend M is reading this---I entered this one just for you (awesome camera straps)! So as soon as it gets here we will totally make your camera so very funky! Again---Huzzah!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Great Grape Wonder

A few weeks ago my lovely friend C came to dinner. She had enough patience to also include a trip to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients for said dinner. On our culinary excursion she picked up some Welch's Grape Soda. It was love at first sip. It taste like summer time when I was ten. In the middle of last night the husband went to the store in order to retrieve a bottle of my desire. What I refer to as My Purple Pop---how I love thee fake purple sweetness of good.