Friday, August 29, 2008

New York, New York

The first post card has arrived from the post card SWAP I am part of this month. It hails from New York City. It is great to receive a little bit of free art in the post. As for the post cards I made---they will find their merry way into the mail tomorrow. We are currently researching other methods for making my paint dabbles into post cards (and maybe baby sized prints) other than the local mass retail printer. For any one that leaves a comment over the next week before my vacation arrives I will send one of the post cards of the Hello Gnome, Salutations Bunnies, or the Greeting Bot---as a "thank you" for visiting and for your support into this art venture. The month of July was about getting online in to the craftster world...August was about getting some product made...and the September goal is to have something to offer the craftster world from my art heart.


Kindred Spirits Photography said...

I love this postcard. The lampshade with purses couldn't be more perfect!! How nice it is to be able to look forward to something amazing coming in the mail instead of just bills and junk mail.

Mason Dixie said...

I am so proud of you taking on this adventure. And if I were to get a post card I would definitely check my mailbox, and pull out the 3 weeks of mail. LOL

gmistudio said...

this post card is very cute, love it..