Saturday, June 28, 2008

Front Porch Deliveries

Speedy Delivery! Speedy Delivery! I love a day that feels like I am living in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Before traveling to the Land of Nod this splendid package arrived on the front porch. The artist from GMIstudio took such sweet care in the shipping presentation. Brown paper packages tied up with string make me want to sing and spin in circles on mountain top pastures. The petite dresser is already cozy and at home in the studio. It is responsible for looking quaint and housing my pencils and erasers that tend to wander away when I am not looking.

Feeling Better

Mom had a tight budget when we were kids. New shoes were for the holidays and back to school. And of course when you tried on your new tennis shoes she would ask if you could run faster. Hence memories of my younger siblings embarrassing me as they ran back and forth trying to convince my mother and the sales clerk that 'yes, indeed-y they do run faster!' Now as an aging adult I feel like I should start moving---with my art, my life, and the body. Many people in my small comfortable inner circle are on the move to feel better. I want that too! My sister is able to run for miles on a tread mill, one friend joined a gym and started eating healthy, and another starting swimming with her family at the YMCA. They all share the same mind set---move more to feel better (without the obsessive watching of pounds). I believe this to be a very healthy way to get on Monday I am going to brave the local recreation center, put on the new tennis shoes, and work to see how fast I can run (or more likely how far I can walk at a quick and snappy pace...).

Friday, June 27, 2008

July Baby

Our dear Friend Val is going to be a first-time grandmother any day now. While out and about shopping for the necessities of deodorant and trash bags we bumped to her at the Job. She is so excited and worried! She said she never new her daughter was so strong willed. The daughter plans on having the baby natural (complete with a Dula baby coach in the home). The daughter has had a difficult and uncomfortable first pregnancy and Val keeps telling that she has options---the drugs---if she wants them when the time comes. Val is so proud of her daughter for going natural (because Val said she could never endure that kind of pain). I totally respect her daughter's choice too. We are adding the new mom and baby to be to our daily thoughts as the delivery date approaches. And of course we had to get the mom and baby a little welcome to the world gift. Hence the green monster burp cloth made by a crafting mom at Frank & Me. extension, please.

Ah, the college years (or the college decade)...back when it seemed like I was the queen of procrastination. The humbling experience of asking the professors for numerous extensions on various projects was part of every course. Most of the professors were sympathetic to my plight. Others probably thought I was just lazy. In truth I worked full time while attending school full time for a degree in art. If anything I was crazy with work and would often spend entire nights in the studio on campus or painting in our tiny kitchen. By the end of every semester I would wear my self thin and things would pile up---hence the request for extensions. Now, today. It was my goal to have my new studio done by July 1st. But on my days off it takes time for me to recover to the third shift schedule (almost a day and a half of grogginess). AND I have bills to pay, a husband to notice, and housework. The Laundry Mountain. It is in need of attention. I think I saw a Sock Troll making a nest. SO I will now permit myself to have an extension because I have been doing work on the is just not 100%, yet. List Accomplished: All but one wall painted, library moved and shelved, studio moved, desks organized, pictures framed, new carpet and new desk chair purchased (in the mail), material ready for curtains and seat cushions. What is left: Paint the ceiling, hang art and inspiration board, make curtains and cushions, re pot tropical plants. Sounds reasonable. Look here on July 17th for pictures of the new studio. I promise it will be done. Keep posted for other sneak peaks.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sneak Peaking...

Here is a sneak peak of the new and improving studio space. The oh-so-very pink candy coated wall is my favorite. This wall will be adorned with art and illustrations from other artist that I hold dear in my estimation of their work. Pictured is an illustration by Emily Martin of The Black Apple---called "hey, there lonely girl". It features a masked and fanged young lady with a friendly bat on her shoulder. A few weeks ago we had a bat visiting our home. He popped in for a hello when I was home alone. Over my little life I have braved many a thing on my own. But when I encountered a bat hanging from the ceiling of my kitchen....I realized I needed help. To the rescue came a dear friend and her husband. And with our bat gear and team work (...and a few squeals from us and some disgruntled bat profanity from the winged guest) the bat was released back into the night. For me the illustration commemorates great friends and odd adventures. I love having it live in the studio.