Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sneak Peaking...

Here is a sneak peak of the new and improving studio space. The oh-so-very pink candy coated wall is my favorite. This wall will be adorned with art and illustrations from other artist that I hold dear in my estimation of their work. Pictured is an illustration by Emily Martin of The Black Apple---called "hey, there lonely girl". It features a masked and fanged young lady with a friendly bat on her shoulder. A few weeks ago we had a bat visiting our home. He popped in for a hello when I was home alone. Over my little life I have braved many a thing on my own. But when I encountered a bat hanging from the ceiling of my kitchen....I realized I needed help. To the rescue came a dear friend and her husband. And with our bat gear and team work (...and a few squeals from us and some disgruntled bat profanity from the winged guest) the bat was released back into the night. For me the illustration commemorates great friends and odd adventures. I love having it live in the studio.

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Kindred Spirits Photography said...

My goodness was that a night to remember!!! How cool that you have that wonderful work of art to keep the memory alive.
By the way, I am so excited to see the completed studio!!! It looks so cheerful. Cant wait.