Friday, September 5, 2008

Junk Drawer

This is the second postcard to arrive to our home today from the postcard swap. It is a dear postcard. When I pulled it out of the mail box I was reminded of my Grandmother B. There is something in the colors of the flowers and the textured feel of the vintage-ness of the card that pulled my memory back to the house and the woman I visited so much in my youth. Grandma B had a special junk drawer located in the buffet in her dining room. The humidity of the house often caused the wood to swell and you sometimes had to really tug to get it open to reveal its treasures inside---beautiful odds and ends gathered over a long life. I would take things out---like old holiday cards, ink pens with the logo from the gas station they owned decades before my birth, numerous colorful rubber bands, three-way folding fans from church, old enveloped with lists and once important information scratched all over, and post cards from here and there. I always put everything back in its place. I feel as if this postcard would have been at home in that special junk drawer that occupied my young hours and imagination. Note: I do believe my siblings and I have all inherited our own version of such junk drawers. I look forward to the day of having another generation sift through the ephemera of my life located in my junk drawer...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Please and Thank You

Hello. Greetings. Salutations. To all whom commented this week I would love to send you a sample of my little post cards. Under my blog profile is a new exclusive email for the corporate cog. And those of you that are local dear hearts...please send your addresses too ('cause I am terrible with keeping track of such things)! I am filled with snap pink joy to have the opportunity to give "thank you"s to those whom cheer my creative heart.

Love & Marriage

I made it. The vacation time has arrived. Now, a new job...getting ready for that Chicago trip. I have postponed....or more accurately...procrastinated with the final details (um, like travel size shampoo, finding the suitcases, making itineraries for the group...). Perhaps after a day of slumber I will wake up with a cornacopia of holiday energy and get things in gear. Confession...I am a list-o-holic. Making a list, checking it twice, and crossing missions and project of the things to do makes me dizzy with glee. My Lil sis could tell you stories of the huge lists on 18 x 24 sheet of bristol board that covered the walls of our mini-kitchen apartment during my college-get-a-teaching-degree-days. When I am feeling down about my life being in the pits or get overwhelmed by some task she encourages me to get in ye-old college list making mode. It jazzes me every time. If only the husband loved doing the list I make for him as much as I enjoy making them.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


When I met my husband many many moons ago he was wearing a grey t-shirt. That was great. I too had a love affair with grey Fruit of the Loom t-shirts. He is a grey/white Fruit of the Loom Man---head to toe. Since I became the official wife I have tried to get him to spice up his wardrobe---with say a green t-shirt or plaid boxers. This year with the impending trip (and the follow through with the triple dog dare haircut) I asked him for an please find something different than a t-shirt to wear on our vacation. It felt very much like back to school shopping...for a 6'7" man with facial hair. "We" decided on giving the polo shirt a whirl. They are cozy and come in a variety of colors and stripes. As you can probably see in the picture there is a grey one at the top---of course. One step at a upgrade...something other than white tube socks...(a woman can dream)...