Saturday, October 25, 2008


Our grand pumpkin has been abducted. Someone actually swiped him from our front porch. We are very sad and disappointed. My mother told us a story very early on that curtailed any Halloween hijinks's we may have been brewing. When she was a kid she went along with a group of other children to soap someone's windows. When, low and behold, the owner came home...everyone ran...except my mom. She stayed. And of course was caught...and had to clean all the windows herself. So I wonder what kind of Karma is in store for those who steel someone's orange pumpkin joy right of the front step----before he even had the opportunity to become the jack-o-lantern he was meant to be. *sigh* (Note: the above little statement came from Bonnie Hunt....from her talk show...yeah, I admit, I watch it at the gym...)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I have spent a chunk of time working on the next swap. It is due in the mail in the morning...thus I will be up most of the night. This swap involved sending a list of 75 questions to your partners. They answer them and return them to sender. The initial instruction said it would be simple enough just to type them up and mail them. Where was the fun in that? Instead I opted for making a simple little book of questions. There is enough space for the recipient to write, draw, or paste their answers...Fingers crossed that the partners enjoy this project as much as I did.

B & E

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Looks like there has been a break and entering in the studio....or most likely the other me has been residing in our abode. The one who is prone to bouts of a little of this then a little of that. Which leads to a big mess. And then I come home one day and about pass out from the disaster that awaits me on my first day of October vacation. (Note: I am typically very anal when it comes to my things...everything in its place...and I can tell if someone else moved it an inch from my desired zen when things get this bad it usually means that my head has been a pretty big mess too...bring on the vacation!).
Eye Spy:
  1. How many stamps do I have left in ratio to the bills I have left to pay this month?
  2. How many spools of thread have yet to meet the eye of a needle?
  3. How many vessels sit on the desk full of odds and ends that I think must stay away from the trash can?
  4. How many notices has Border's sent me concerning an un-claimed book?
  5. Do you see the Breathmints (new addiction)?
  6. What flavor are they?
  7. How many tubes of paint?
  8. How old is the water in the cup?
  9. How many gnomes can you find?
  10. Count the chickens cause they have already hatched---can you see the all?
  11. How soon will I get those Halloween cards mailed (remember how many stamps you see in relation to bills)?
  12. And how long will it take me to make order of all this once again?

Best answers, if any, to the above question will receive a little fall landscape painting from yours truly....

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here is the last one.....such a sky I saw the other day. Swear.

Then three

The third little landscape painting for the RAK swap....these tiny paintings will be out and about in the next couple of days....hoping someone will finds them and give them a new home to roost...

So sweet...

These roses were on my desk at work. The husband arrived to my workplace before me and left them with a little note. So sweet....just like my husband.