Saturday, November 1, 2008


I am skeptic about many a thing in our world. There are very few things that I believe in with absolute certainty. One of these steadfast beliefs pertains to the power of the jack-o-lantern. We were down to the wire getting these fellows ready to go on their shift. I kept giving my husband time updates on how soon the sun was going to set. They made it just in time to do their part in keeping our home mischievous spirit free for another year. The husband stayed up until sunrise watching Halloween horror movies...and re-lighting the Jacks---knowing that it gave me a peace of mind to know they were on duty.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Have Courage: Little Landscape Painting 4 is at the library in the next town over. It is hanging out in the periodical section. Note: I have loved going to libraries as a past time since I was a kid. My Aunt C used to take me to the big city library when I visited over summer vacations. In junior and senior high I used to hang out at lunch and after school hours at the town library. When I chose my first college...the traditional mahogany and leather library sealed the deal. I love being surrounded by all the possibilities waiting for me inside all those books...


Find Hope: Little Landscape Painting 3 was left nestled in one of my favorite spots to sit and be still on the old college campus. The place is an outdoor sculpture garden of a stone library. Back in the dating days the husband and I used to nightly inspect the site when it was under construction. We love this spot...even when it is a hub of students on the go it is quiet place.


See Beauty: Little Landscape Painting 2 was left behind at our favorite restaurant. Dear Guido's keeps us fed on a regular basis. They have the best green beans (sorry mom). To pass the time I will take to doodling ideas on the paper place mats to illustrate what is going on in my head to the husband. The husband always tells me to take the place mat with me before we leave. I seldom listen. time a sweet waitresse made it a point to come over to our table to see if I had any more doodles on my place mat. She informed us that she had taken one home. I guess it featured some of my ideas for a gnome-bunny hybrid. She loved the doodles. Now they are art to her. I thought it was fitting then to leave the second landscape painting behind for the staff or for the next customer to discover. I hope it brings some joy to their day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Who could resist? These arrived in the mail the stash for the future family member continues to grow....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Seek Peace: Left at the local city gym in locker 45. I thought this was going to be easy...only to walk into the gym and find it crawling with a hundred people (swear!). It was get-your-flu-shot-local-health-fair-day. The place was packed. I almost chickened out. The mission had to be done quick. The photo's taken even faster. Ugh. It was somewhat stressful...I just hope that someone finds it and gives it a good home....


The RAK paintings are ready for their grand adventure. They are each accompanied with a little tag that says either: see beauty, find hope, have courage or seek peace....all daily reminders I could use for my own sanity. The husband and I talked at great length as to where to strategically place these wee treasures. He wants to wait until there is a sunny day...I want to get them out there in the October grey. Either way it is time for them to leave the nest....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little People

We have a new member of the family arriving sometime in March. Thus the ultimate gift search has begun. Of course there will be books, books, and books. The new kid is basically guaranteed a personal library to rival any public one out there. And of course there will be plenty of lovely things crafted and made. To add something a little extra to the list I have been looking for something a bit on the retro side---something reminiscent of my siblings' childhood. I stumbled upon a vintage jamboree of Fisher Price's The Little People (1960-s-1970's). Now, I know all our stuff has most likely gone to the trash or charity---who would have known how much I really still wanted to play with the house...and the stair case with the door underneath...oh, and the swing, and the merry-go-round? On ebay there was even the Sesame Street Neighborhood Townhouse. I miss the Little People....


Today we did the Sunday Brunch with the in laws. It has been sometime since we have gathered together at our favorite local restaurant. My husband and I have been coming here for a decade now. We love their brunch, hot tea, cheesecake, and the well used dented salt and pepper shakers...and of course the staff that knows us. We exchanged gifts---late for the mother-in-laws birthday(at the beginning of this month) and early for the husband's birthday (next week). While we toasted and ate our share of cozy comfort food goodies...the day drifted by in its October grey. After such a rough couple of weeks at work it was nice to be surrounded by people that actually like me for the person I am. I feel a bit better.

Night Snack

Um, I suppose I was a wee tired today. I missed the sun. My head was in deep sleep until eleven o'clock in the night. That would be over 12 hours of straight sleep...or a hibernation. So when I arose from the bed the husband was waiting to go and get out of the house. We saw a midnight movie and then headed to the grocery store to get some real food. I had the itch to be a bit domestic. At three in the morning we enjoyed tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches....and of course we enjoyed each other's company. He would tell you that he knows all my cheesy stories of my childhood and my post high school day is my challenge then to find something new to bring the table every now and to speak.