Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little People

We have a new member of the family arriving sometime in March. Thus the ultimate gift search has begun. Of course there will be books, books, and books. The new kid is basically guaranteed a personal library to rival any public one out there. And of course there will be plenty of lovely things crafted and made. To add something a little extra to the list I have been looking for something a bit on the retro side---something reminiscent of my siblings' childhood. I stumbled upon a vintage jamboree of Fisher Price's The Little People (1960-s-1970's). Now, I know all our stuff has most likely gone to the trash or charity---who would have known how much I really still wanted to play with the house...and the stair case with the door underneath...oh, and the swing, and the merry-go-round? On ebay there was even the Sesame Street Neighborhood Townhouse. I miss the Little People....

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