Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sometimes nature is such a wonder to behold....from within the coziness of my flannel pajamas inside my home. Such a day stirs my memory. My inner child is pleading to go outside and play...sled...make snow angles...snowballs...attempt a fort... come home an hour later in order to get broomed on the front porch (my mom used to make us stand just outside the front door while she used the broom to remove the snow off our clothes..)...then stand over the heat run for one blow cycle while hot chocolate is being made (with extra marshmallows). I would love to go outside and participate in this day...but, um, I lack adult sized snow bibs.....and I am out of hot coco.



Any guesses?

This is the amount it took to get my windshield washer fixed for my car. I am content with every penny that was spent to get her going again...since this weekend calls for quite the snowing. It also makes me more determined to learn more about the beautiful mystery of my vehicles mechanics. If I happen to have the chance to be reincarnated I am going to stand in the line for the mechanically inclined...until then I plan to sign up for a Mechanic I class at the local adult learning center.

Monday, January 5, 2009


This year I will use Caution in my life choices. This year I will throw Caution to the wind. Either way he will greet me each morning of 2009 in my studio. Caution was a holiday gift from my dear friend C....with her psychic friend powers she new exactly what I needed to help me stay on track...or adventure off onto the unbeaten path. And now for the odds and end of my New Year's resolutions...
  1. Keep going to the gym (and add the spinning class once a week). Since July 45 pounds have went MIA...and I am curious what can happen in another six months...
  2. Time to grow up (a bit) and find an entire house to rent.
  3. Remember the birthdays of others...and get the cards purchased or made into the mail on time.
  4. Donate blood.
  5. Get my teeth cleaned and a real physical.
  6. Start my etsy store.
  7. Participate in the Renegade Festival in Chicago.
  8. Finish my short story about Eve in the garden.
  9. Publish my children's book on LuLu or Blurb...and see what happens.
  10. Plan and execute three dinner per quarter (is that too dorky?)
  11. Learn how to do my own oil change.
  12. Payoff my medical bill (finally!)
  13. Start a real savings account...and leave it alone.
  14. Adopt a dog and a cat.
  15. Grow my own herbs.
  16. Cook more. Eat out way less.
  17. Pay more attention to the needs of my family and friends.
  18. Finish my first felt book before the nephew is born.
  19. Find my Aunt Charlotte and my college friend Yolanda.
  20. Take more pictures of people I love.
  21. Participate in more art swaps.
  22. Post art more often.
  23. Buy my own truck, couch, scanner, and printer...all for my art of course ;)
  24. Go on a canoe trip....and a bike trip.
  25. Ride a horse.

What are your plans?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Paging Dr. Bronner

First it was Burt and his Bees. And now Dr. Bronner is living in my shower. The label on the packaging is a bit creepy, weird, odd, and way amusing. A few months ago this product was featured in my favorite magazine in the know written universe...BUST. My sister can tell you that we are both suckers for "new-to-us" products, even though we usually resort right back to our toiletry staples that we have been using for, um, decades. Sometimes we hit pay dirt. This liquid soap smells a bit on the hippie side...IE very natural instead of artificial sweet. So far I have scrubbed my face with it, made a bath soak, used it as a shower wash...and used it to wash my sensitive hair. It super cleans the hair, thus I have been using it once a week. It makes my scalp tingle....and so far that is the best thing to happen to me this new year. In other news my schedule changed big time at work (I start a seven day stretch on Tuesday night), a flu bug has found my nose, and the windshield wipers have stopped working in my car (so I am clueless as how to get them fixed over my seven day stretch...). I do have a few resolutions this year and I will reveal them with my next post. ... :)