Sunday, January 4, 2009

Paging Dr. Bronner

First it was Burt and his Bees. And now Dr. Bronner is living in my shower. The label on the packaging is a bit creepy, weird, odd, and way amusing. A few months ago this product was featured in my favorite magazine in the know written universe...BUST. My sister can tell you that we are both suckers for "new-to-us" products, even though we usually resort right back to our toiletry staples that we have been using for, um, decades. Sometimes we hit pay dirt. This liquid soap smells a bit on the hippie side...IE very natural instead of artificial sweet. So far I have scrubbed my face with it, made a bath soak, used it as a shower wash...and used it to wash my sensitive hair. It super cleans the hair, thus I have been using it once a week. It makes my scalp tingle....and so far that is the best thing to happen to me this new year. In other news my schedule changed big time at work (I start a seven day stretch on Tuesday night), a flu bug has found my nose, and the windshield wipers have stopped working in my car (so I am clueless as how to get them fixed over my seven day stretch...). I do have a few resolutions this year and I will reveal them with my next post. ... :)

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Mason Dixie said...

I am a sucker for new things, remember when I worked in cosmetics.... I had every new product that came out, and I never even wore make up. those were the days.