Monday, January 5, 2009


This year I will use Caution in my life choices. This year I will throw Caution to the wind. Either way he will greet me each morning of 2009 in my studio. Caution was a holiday gift from my dear friend C....with her psychic friend powers she new exactly what I needed to help me stay on track...or adventure off onto the unbeaten path. And now for the odds and end of my New Year's resolutions...
  1. Keep going to the gym (and add the spinning class once a week). Since July 45 pounds have went MIA...and I am curious what can happen in another six months...
  2. Time to grow up (a bit) and find an entire house to rent.
  3. Remember the birthdays of others...and get the cards purchased or made into the mail on time.
  4. Donate blood.
  5. Get my teeth cleaned and a real physical.
  6. Start my etsy store.
  7. Participate in the Renegade Festival in Chicago.
  8. Finish my short story about Eve in the garden.
  9. Publish my children's book on LuLu or Blurb...and see what happens.
  10. Plan and execute three dinner per quarter (is that too dorky?)
  11. Learn how to do my own oil change.
  12. Payoff my medical bill (finally!)
  13. Start a real savings account...and leave it alone.
  14. Adopt a dog and a cat.
  15. Grow my own herbs.
  16. Cook more. Eat out way less.
  17. Pay more attention to the needs of my family and friends.
  18. Finish my first felt book before the nephew is born.
  19. Find my Aunt Charlotte and my college friend Yolanda.
  20. Take more pictures of people I love.
  21. Participate in more art swaps.
  22. Post art more often.
  23. Buy my own truck, couch, scanner, and printer...all for my art of course ;)
  24. Go on a canoe trip....and a bike trip.
  25. Ride a horse.

What are your plans?


Mason Dixie said...

You should add one..... blog more so your family knows what you are up to. hehe

Kindred Spirits Photography said...

kind!peaceIts wonderful that you are thinking of things that will make your life happier. I believe you have to have goals in life to move forwrard. Work is something most of us have to do. We don't always love our day job ( or in your case night job) Its up to us to "find our bliss" elsewhere. Good for you.
I on the other hand have no plan past tomorrow! I guess if I had resolution it would be to work on balancing MY new day job, with family and self. I have gotten off my path to a healthy body lately and need to get back on.

Jackie said...

Wow, your list of 'to do' is long! I don't think I would/could be that least, I'd hesitate to write it all down!

Shauna said...

I love your plans!! And planning and executing a dinner quarterly is not lame or silly - what a great idea!!

You have me inspired!