Saturday, October 4, 2008

Max Fisher

Max Fisher I adore you. I am a Rushmore Yankee at heart. So much so that my new autumn duds had to include a red beret I discovered while out and about with the husband today. When it is upon my head I feel ready for the world. Note: Also pictured are this season's new fingerless gloves made from recycled sweaters and the like. Now if I could just get directions to Rushmore....or an application.


Goodness. Last night I ran around outside like a crazy person in my flannel teddy bear PJ's for all the world to see. What was I doing? Oh, just running around in the dark in a panic to cover all my flowers to save them from the frost monster. What is happening to me............? Oh....I slept through the frost hours and awoke to find everyone still in bloom and ready to go. So far this is the very highlight of my weekend:) I think I need a pet cat or something....

Friday, October 3, 2008


Next year around this lovely time of year I will have the opportunity to witness a dear friend's wedding. Bless her, she asked me to be part of the party. And bless her again because she said I could pick out my own dress to wear. Dressing up for me is very difficult and usually involves tears and panic attacks. There is some deep buried evil seed that cracks open and begins to grow when there is the expectation to become the prettiest I can be outside the comfort zone of jeans and grey t-shirts. She has a year to organize a wedding....and it will take me the entire year to do some weeding in my fashion soul garden to harvest the confidence I will need to support her on her beautiful day instead of worrying about the trivialities of my hair and nails and what others may think.....and it will probably take the year to find a dress. (Note 1.: I am reading Circle of Friends...and it has been a soul quencher for my plus sized self...long love Benny and her modesty panel! Read it!) (Note 2: pictured above is discovery A...the first of I am sure many many dresses I will find while performing my "research").

Thursday, October 2, 2008

...hello October

Welcome dear October. This past week the weather has begun a new dance. The cooler days have made it easier for me to rest during the day....bless the flannel sheet makers of the world cozy. And work turned a bit too...this past week my associates seemed pleasant and worked hard every day (really). One of them said I have been smiling more, I overheard another associate relay to others that I was in a good mood, and then one of my toughest told me to "take care" when he clocked out, and when I said "thank you" he said "your welcome". So simple. The real question...who has been doing the or them?