Monday, September 8, 2008

I'd go the whole wide world just to find him...

Sometimes I just feel I am such a lucky fool to have my sweet, kind, patient, forgiving, funny, creative, smart. Other times I am pretty superficial and I think he is just the most handsome thing...ever. The combination of pony tail, Lennon glasses and the staple black artist t-shirt, well, they just make me swoon.

Things to do

Okay. It is three something-ish in the morning....but I did it. The Official 2008 Vacation List has been made. I feel very excited and of course anxious to get things crossed off the list....Now I just have to wait for the sun to come up in order to achieve most things on the list. Cross your fingers that I may find comfy/cute walking shoes (our marriage was put into jeopardy last vacation due to my mis-packing of cute shoes instead of functional-walk-a-hundred-Washington-DC-miles-in three days type of footwear...)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some place to go

Surprise. The great procrastinator that dwells within me is loving life at this moment. We leave for the great Chicago trip in just two more days and there is such a silly amount of stuff we still have to prepare. A major list must be made soon! Last year we went to Chicago on the cheap and packed what we could into what we would carry---each of us had a backpack a piece. This year I have been harvesting a new and improved wardrobe. The freshest my closet has seen in many seasons. It also means we are taking real adult luggage. Note: there are two grey shirts above---but they are blouses instead of t-shirts:).