Wednesday, February 11, 2009


1260: how many times a humming bird heart will beat in a minute. My grandmother loved her hummingbirds. Many humid summer days were spent waiting for their arrival on the perch of the feeders that hung from her magnolia tree. We would sit on her glider and drink sun tea out of aluminum cups. My grandmother must be on our minds lately. Last week I doodled the above hummingbird, and then ordered a new necklace from Home Studio. Yesterday in the mail arrived a Valentine from my mother...featuring, yes indeed, another hummingbird. I miss my grandmother and watching for the hummingbirds...

Reading Rainbow

My friend is such a clever creative girl. She is quite the bookworm, just like me. We both have a slew of books and very very full book shelves. During a recent shindig at her lovely abode I noticed her new arrangement of her books. They were sorted by color. How beautiful! Such a slendid idea made me quite envious. My own library is arranged alphabetically by chaos (the white shelves below her rainbow shelves).