Thursday, October 30, 2008


See Beauty: Little Landscape Painting 2 was left behind at our favorite restaurant. Dear Guido's keeps us fed on a regular basis. They have the best green beans (sorry mom). To pass the time I will take to doodling ideas on the paper place mats to illustrate what is going on in my head to the husband. The husband always tells me to take the place mat with me before we leave. I seldom listen. time a sweet waitresse made it a point to come over to our table to see if I had any more doodles on my place mat. She informed us that she had taken one home. I guess it featured some of my ideas for a gnome-bunny hybrid. She loved the doodles. Now they are art to her. I thought it was fitting then to leave the second landscape painting behind for the staff or for the next customer to discover. I hope it brings some joy to their day.

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