Saturday, October 25, 2008


Our grand pumpkin has been abducted. Someone actually swiped him from our front porch. We are very sad and disappointed. My mother told us a story very early on that curtailed any Halloween hijinks's we may have been brewing. When she was a kid she went along with a group of other children to soap someone's windows. When, low and behold, the owner came home...everyone ran...except my mom. She stayed. And of course was caught...and had to clean all the windows herself. So I wonder what kind of Karma is in store for those who steel someone's orange pumpkin joy right of the front step----before he even had the opportunity to become the jack-o-lantern he was meant to be. *sigh* (Note: the above little statement came from Bonnie Hunt....from her talk show...yeah, I admit, I watch it at the gym...)

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Kindred Spirits Photography said...

I am so sorry about your pumpkin. I was a victim of theft this week as well.
Someone stole my Obama sign.
They thought they would silence my voice. I went to get another and was told they had no more so I will be putting my leftover Obama primary sign up.

I think Karma is very strong, and I believe in it.
Karma Rules!!!!