Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feeling Better

Mom had a tight budget when we were kids. New shoes were for the holidays and back to school. And of course when you tried on your new tennis shoes she would ask if you could run faster. Hence memories of my younger siblings embarrassing me as they ran back and forth trying to convince my mother and the sales clerk that 'yes, indeed-y they do run faster!' Now as an aging adult I feel like I should start moving---with my art, my life, and the body. Many people in my small comfortable inner circle are on the move to feel better. I want that too! My sister is able to run for miles on a tread mill, one friend joined a gym and started eating healthy, and another starting swimming with her family at the YMCA. They all share the same mind set---move more to feel better (without the obsessive watching of pounds). I believe this to be a very healthy way to get on Monday I am going to brave the local recreation center, put on the new tennis shoes, and work to see how fast I can run (or more likely how far I can walk at a quick and snappy pace...).

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