Friday, June 27, 2008

July Baby

Our dear Friend Val is going to be a first-time grandmother any day now. While out and about shopping for the necessities of deodorant and trash bags we bumped to her at the Job. She is so excited and worried! She said she never new her daughter was so strong willed. The daughter plans on having the baby natural (complete with a Dula baby coach in the home). The daughter has had a difficult and uncomfortable first pregnancy and Val keeps telling that she has options---the drugs---if she wants them when the time comes. Val is so proud of her daughter for going natural (because Val said she could never endure that kind of pain). I totally respect her daughter's choice too. We are adding the new mom and baby to be to our daily thoughts as the delivery date approaches. And of course we had to get the mom and baby a little welcome to the world gift. Hence the green monster burp cloth made by a crafting mom at Frank & Me.

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