Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dusk bunnies

Sundays are difficult. I have to report to work at 8 PM after having my days off. It is confusing for my body and my mind trying to figure out when and if I should sleep or be awake....if I am going to be rested before I go into work. My solution was my new Sunday Vow: to start making a bit of art in the morning, followed by an early afternoon nap. This ties into the next step of the great art escape. Since the studio is basically done, the next step is to get creating again. Dusk Bunnies is my first dip into painting in quite a few months.
The sketch
Laying the groundwork
All filled in
Tah-Dah: The Dusk Bunnies!


George said...
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George said...

It's beautiful! It belongs on my wall of inspiration.

Mason Dixie said...

very nice, I love bunnies

elizabethholcombe said...

I love your dusk bunnies!~~~XXOO, Beth