Saturday, August 2, 2008


mmmmmm.....chocolate mmmmmm......books
The grumpy monster inside me was awake today and had two cravings that demanded to be satisfied: new reading material....and chocolate. For the reading crave I tried to pick some light summer reading. At the moment I am stuck in a very good but complicated book. When I look at this book on my days off from work, I want to pick it up and read it. It has such a pretty cover. But then I avoid it, knowing it will take more mental stamina that I can muster as of late. So we hit the book store to grab something new to feed my head (Bone is always a winner!). Next: chocolate. I wanted it bad. My teeth were aching for it. I was challenged: I wanted to stay true to a healthy way of living and put the Ben and Jerry's back in the cooler. The husband did get his own B&J pint and I opted for rainbow sherbet, organic chocolate milk, and Hit cookies. The milk and the cookies will be snacks taken separately. Even that is too much chocolate at one time for the grumpy monster. Tonight I had a pleasant bowl of the sherbet. It reminded of summers as a kid when mom would let us have a scoop to cool us off before bedtime....Nice. The grumpy monster is content.

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