Friday, August 1, 2008


Very swell things arrived in the mailbox today. Most were expected. One provided a jolt of surprise happiness into my day (a day that had been previously filled to the rim with a negative work experience). The Tree Reader will be a spectacular addition to my growing collection of "girls with books" art. The Scissors are sweet pink inspiration for my sewing corner (because now that the studio is basically done...I have the itch to sew again). The cherry blossom earrings are part of a quest to find the most awesome red dangling earrings available (to wear to work in order to contrast with all the blah blue that I wear). And then the very best thing...a hand drawn and inked Thank You card from my dear friend that came for a visit last weekend.
A side note on friendship: When I was an angst filled teen with britches and a sour attitude too big for a small river town, she would tell me:
"...that in life you were lucky to have a few good, true friends. Ones that you could always count on...when things were rough. You may not have or find that many. Probably just enough to count on one hand...."
She was so wise. I can do just that. I am blessed to have the good friends that I do.

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