Thursday, July 31, 2008


This snazzy new sign in front of house could only mean one thing. It was our street's turn to be repaved. When I arrived home from work a team of tanned sweaty men were hard at work making a lot of loud paving crunch noises.
It was hot. It was bright. I tossed and turned under my daisy print sheets attempting to hide from the invading outside world. Crunch*Crunch* Bang.*Crunch*Crunch. The men at work were oblivious to the woman inside the blue house trying to catch a snooze.
Grabbing the camera I headed outside to document the men that were disrupting my summer dreams.
Instead I discovered that summer was in full swing with or without me. So for a few waking moments I walked barefoot through our backyard, visited the trees and watched the clouds. I felt better. Relaxed. And came back inside ready to hunt down my slumber. I should do this more often...

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