Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mister Snyder, My Nemesis

Excursions to the gym have been a good thing. It is nice to have a gym buddy. I tend to be a bit on the non-social side (especially after a long night at work dealing with third shift dramas). When my gym buddy M is able to be in sync with my gym times things go much smoother. Listening to her talk in the morning makes the miles and minutes flash along. I am so blessed to have such a friendship in my life--even if much of it, for the moment, is taking place as we sweat away the time on the ellipse machines that we both covet. A special thanks to Mister Snyder of Berlin's Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Potato Chips. Because of you and your tastey addictive potato chip wonder I am positive my gym friendship will continue to flourish.

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Kindred Spirits Photography said...

As I was walking into the Giant Eagle today I saw those yummy salt and pepper kettle chips I so love, but kept on walking. Instead, I bought banana's and celery, yum. I wanted those chips so bad!!! Thank goodness I was in a hurry because if I would have had a moment to think twice, they would have come home with me.
When I stopped working out with my trainer, my workouts started to fall off. I couldn't get motivated, until you joined. Knowing you show up day after day, after working all those hours, motivates me to show up and do my workout. I am so thankful for my workout partner and friend.