Thursday, August 14, 2008


In my youth I thought I was amazing smart and a bit edgy. My ego told me that I would never become like a particular aunt in our family (via marriage). Aunt B has been stuck in 1964 for a very very long time. She has had the same hair style, glasses, and fashion sense since that time period. It seemed to work for her at that time and she has stuck with the style that made her feel comfortable. To others, well, she appears dated. When I looked in the mirror today I realized that I too have become dated. I think I am stuck in 1994-1996. I have wanted to upgrade but when I have tried I still opt for the doc martins, the black glasses, the endless stacks of white, black and grey t-shirts and old blue jeans. As I work to put more art in my life, I realized I needed to put more fashion sense into myself. This is a challenge due to the fact that I am a terrible shopper. I have very little time or patience. Hence why I end up choosing the staple t-shirts and jeans. So for our Chicago trip next month I will spice up the wardrobe. The t-shirts will be staying home. And if I am feeling brave...maybe a drastic haircut (for the first time in almost 10 years). I am crossing my fingers that I can survive this challenge and avoid becoming a new generation of Aunt B.

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Chris Salley said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad to find another Cincinnatian blogger! I'll be back to visit more often. Good luck with getting your hairs cut.