Friday, August 15, 2008

Fan Club

I am a nerd. I am addicted to books. One entire little room of our place is dedicated to housing the collection of reading materials. Children's books, art books, cook books...With all the reading that I have crammed into my life I have stumbled upon a few books and authors that sing to me, dance with me. Make me feel alive. (note these books would be The Passion, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, and The Invention of Everything Else). And I have read books that serve as the movie popcorn for my nerdy head. One of the best classes that I took for pleasure in college was Young Adult Literature. Here I received the opportunity to read books that were quick, good, and satisfying. In this vain (and with a deep breath) I declare that I am a Twilight fan. So enamored am I by this simple book about vampires in love that I was inspired to create-up some fan art. I loved making this quaint piece of book-nerd-fan-art. And I think I shall do some more very soon related to other books that I treasure....

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colors and brushy & comp ++ awesome