Friday, July 11, 2008

The Land of Nod

Ah, my new favorite place. There is where I have been for the past ten hours or more. Such a pretty thing to feel well rested. I even went to the gym on my first morning off from work. A new habit has formed. When I am at the gym I must have the treadmill directly in front of the giant television that broadcast the Martha Stewart Show (with closed captions). If the spot is already in use I find my self to be miffed. The person using that specific mill is totally missing the cheesy fun of the Martha Stewart Show. I instead get stuck in front of the sport center television. Who knew I would be territorial in a gym and about my quality time with Martha Stewart? And please note to: the amazing quilt pictured was made by my mother as our wedding present.


Kindred Spirits Photography said...

Beautiful Quilt!!!!! Glad to see you went to the gym. I too find myself upset when my favorite gym equipment is being used.

Mason Dixie said...

Your bed just looks so comfortable