Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's in the Details...

In the beginning:
1.) We forgot to bring a spatula to flip the burgers
2.) No one brought water to drink, but two people asked for it and the dog needed it.
3.) We were asked to leave the pavilion we chose due to a family that had reserved it for their family reunion.
4.) Mosquitoes found me. They even bit the flesh of my eyebrows.
There was minor family grumpiness.
1.) George and Chris took a special warp speed trip back home to retrieve a spatula and any other missing items.
2.) We drank tea instead and the dog was given water from the fountain by the restrooms.
3.) We moved to a different pavilion after our hot dogs were done.
4.) The scourge of mosquitoes still found me.
I was not the perfect hostess but my wonderful family somehow always makes the best of things. So our Fifth of July picnic in the park was a good one. I am sure our laughter and good cheer could be heard through out the park (and by the family reunion that booted us out of the pavillion).

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