Thursday, July 17, 2008

H2O Care

Guilty. I should be greener. If I was thirsty at work I would stroll to the front checkouts, open a cooler and pay $1.50 for a convenient bottle of liquid. Sometimes the empty bottle would find its way to the plastic recycle bin in the lounge. Sometimes. Since I started to actually move and sweat at the gym my thirst factor this summer has sky rocketed. For a step in a better caring direction, I purchased this Brita water filter pitcher. It is wonderful (though it is slow to filter). The water is brisk and tasty. Perfect. I am saving money. By taking a minute out of my day at home to fill it back up after use, I am doing something that feels good for the body, my wallet, and for the future of water. Orange Jack and Chicken are happy about it too!

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Kindred Spirits Photography said...

Good for you Amy!! Thanks for the link to the great article too.