Friday, July 18, 2008

Admiral and the Pirate

The Admiral and the Pirate joined we land lubbers today in the studio. The Admiral (with the eye patch) arrived in the mail with a broken nose. He is made out of plaster. When the nose broke in shipping it kept rubbing in the box until it returned to its original state of powder. This past week The Admiral went through cosmetic reconstructive surgery. He was given a new nose, a fresh coat of paint in some areas, as well as a glossy coat to help seal and protect the plaster for years to come. In these pictures he tends to shine a bit more than his nemesis The Pirate---who has a mat finish. But for some reason that seems to fit their personalities. Whom do I adore more...The (sophisticated) Admiral with his perfect neck scarf or The (macho) Pirate with his dashing mustache...?

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