Sunday, July 13, 2008

Remember Sundays

Remember when Saturdays meant you cleaned the house, the car, and worked in the yard? It was one of the best feelings taking an early evening shower, sitting on the couch watching a smidgen of television, and then slipping into clean bed sheets that had dried on the clothes line in the afternoon summer sun. Sunday was about the family and the dinner. The only other thing that may have happened on Sundays, outside of church, was taking my grandmother grocery shopping in the morning. Stores closed early on Sunday or were not open at all. Sundays were about the home and family, period. We bounced around between the homes of the grandmothers, the parents, and the aunts and uncles on Sunday. There was always a sit down dinner complete with a brief prayer and a guess at who was going to get stuck washing the dishes. Today, my husband and I depend on Guido to feed us before we get ready for work. And today, as I ate my good spaghetti I realized how much I missed the Sunday's of my youth (with the great spaghetti of my aunt) and wondered how to get them back...

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