Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chicago! Chicago!

Vacation count down alert! We are going back to Chicago in September....a city that I adore. Somethings old but good: 1.) re-staying at the best bed and breakfast in the entire world (thus far), 2.)re-walking with a tour with the Chicago Greeter (maybe Chinatown this time around), 3.)a baseball game (a White Sox game...the Cubbies are out of town), 4.) spending time and money at the Renegade Craft Fair. Somethings new: 1.) traveling with my sister and her companion (boyfriend Chris) to the windy city, 2.) all of us traveling by train, 3.) instead of separate rooms at the inn we are renting an apartment for the week by the same inn keeper, 4.) and I hope to go up in the huge ferris wheel at the Navy Pier. Chicago! Chicago!

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Mason Dixie said...

This is her sister and "my companion" is a guy, my boyfriend Chris. So do not worry mother I am not batting for the other team.