Monday, November 17, 2008


I have two new favorite sites that I arrive to on a regular basis: Post Secret and Word of the Day. On Sunday's Post Secret updates their Sunday Secret sections (picture above is a recent card added this past Sunday). The selected group of postcards make me laugh, cry, and gaff. It makes me rattle my tired brain to think of my own secrets to mail to Frank (the author of the books and site). The other...Word of the a fantastic vocabulary illustrated site. Note: I adored vocabulary lessons, tests, writing assignments, and even pop quizzes during my school years. Lately I feel my intelligence leaking away and this little site has been trying to seal the fisher created from my work environment (where very simple words and speech are the norm...). My favorite word this past week: Crumpet. Say it out loud and discover what a cute word it is...Assignment : Use "crumpet" in a sentence....and then wonder when and where you can use it in a conversation this week. Now go!

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MabnMav said...

I ate a warm homemade crumpet for breakfast today at my friends home in England.