Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Over the next few days I have a big decision I have to could effect numerous things....for the good and for the bad. My store manager approached me about leaving my store for another...she sensed I was unhappy and might do better working for my old store manager. Hitch: the old store manager is in charge of a really tough store...the clientele are rough people. I am shaken by being pulled into the office this morning for such a discussion. The store manager kept saying she wanted me stay and if I wanted to bolt that would be okay too. All this from a person who kicks me around every morning on our tours and wonders why I am stressed out. She is with the day managers for 10 hours during the there is time to talk about cruises, Amish country, kids in college, miles to the gallon, a-silly-thing-happened-to-me-type-of -thing. For an overnight manager such as myself we are drilled for the hour tour on what we did all night and what went wrong. Leaving little time for me to talk about my art or the other manager's interest in hunting. I take responsibility for some of my stress...but somehow she has missed how hard I work every day trying to take care of my store...of my people. I go in on my days off...just to help out (and I do this a bit much). She has known of me for two months. She has yet to know me at all...I may appear serious, tough, disappointed, stressed...but I am loyal and I care a great deal about the work I do. As I get ready for work tonight I am happy to be perplexed at a smaller decision that means much to me....what fantastic new socks to wear to work...from Shauna at The Lemon Drop Studio as part of a sock I love polka-dots....and stripes...and the pretty blue...perhaps I will wear a combination to work...dots on the left foot and stripes on the right?

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Shauna said...

awwwww, the socks look LOVELY. I am so happy you are enjoying them. I love the layered look! :) Thanks for the Shout Out!!