Saturday, November 22, 2008

Captain Mouse

I am very peculiar about holiday ornaments. This stems from another Mom tradition...the acquiring of one new ornament a year while we growing under her roof. I remember so clearly being given permission to select a Smurf ornament on the second floor of the JCPenny's in the next town over (my favorite down town store...complete with an elevator, and an attendant, and a sliding gate). A Smurf ornament...I was sure it would make our tree that year perfect in every way. When my sis and I became roommates again in college I started our sibling tradition of getting her an ornament from the specialty artsy store in the university town. I am sure she expects to see the Chinese take out gift box under the tree every Christmas...with a new ornament waiting for her tree (note: she has a cloisonne mermaid and a lizard). This year our new ornament came from a big box retailer. Shame on me. Captain Mouse. His little card ship with a treasure chest of candy canes was too winning for me to resist. He is a bit different from the Donald Drumm and Patience Brewster decorations that usually follow me home this time of year. He is wonderful to me.

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