Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tenenbaum Pets

This afternoon my husband took off with his brother to attend some B-Movie at the independent movie theatre in the big city. Left with Saturday hours to my self I decided to finish the Tenenbaum Pet Portraits I have been working on for the next post card swap---due this coming Tuesday. I painted Buckley the beagle first and then I was in the zone. I painted for close to six hours straight. When the husband came home with pizza I looked a wreck...paint everywhere, hair a la Einstein, and my eyes could hardly stay open to finish the last one...the turtle. On Monday they will be made into post cards and then off they go....
Mordecai the Falcon
Buckley the Beagle
The Turtle

Dalmatian Mouse


Charity said...



Kindred Spirits Photography said...

Wow, I love them!! and how wonderful to have so much time at once to immerse yourself.

Mason Dixie said...

I love the turtle.......wonder if my mailbox has any great surprises in store..............?

Felicia said...

Oh, love them all! And what a great movie too :)