Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cheddar Chili Fries

Mmmmmm. So simple. So good. Greasy, gooey, calorie filled goodness. Friday night I met my beautiful friend C at The Hot Dog Shop back home. It was kind of half way for both of us (though I believe she drove a bit further than me....what a good friend). We had a chance to catch up on life, work and stuff--well, actually she patiently listens and laughs as I complain a lot about my life. I am such a great dinner date. (Note: two cheddar chili dogs, two cheddar chili fries and two sodas came to nine dollars and some change....most excellent). You have to love small town food. As much as I loved the food and the company...the trip did have a down side. The Hot Dog Shop is in the city next door to the town I was raised. Back in the day it was the pretty city with a real downtown and parking meters, multiple red lights, department stores, a working fountain, a YMCA and a movie theatre. Now the downtown is a ghost town---it feels abandoned and neglected. Everyone migrated to the shopping plazas on the outskirts of town. I took some photos and will be adding them to the husband's or my flickr site...because it is important somehow for me to share this city on the river...for me to be reminded of where I came from and how it is always a part of me where ever I travel or how far I move away...

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