Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kindred Sister

One of the best things about today's fair was the chance to see my tender friend M and her merchant tent. She is just an amazing force in my life. M has inspired me to join the gym, become more stylish, and encourages my art endeavors every chance she can. She herself is an amazing artist with her independent photography business Kindred Spirits. If you visit her site you can see her sensitive and caring well a picture of the husband and me taken for our fifth wedding anniversary. Note: We both share an Irish/Slovak heritage and tend to adore the same foods...which always makes for a good friendship! She truly is my Kindred Sister.

1 comment:

Kindred Spirits Photography said...

I love this picture!! George, you are now officially chosen to take all pictures that include me in them.
I hope you know how much it meant to me that you stopped by. You truly are a sunny day in my life. Lewis said it best the other day... your name was mentioned and Lewis said " I just feel happy when Amy is around". Couldn't have said it better myself!!!!! Oh and by the way, you look amazing!!