Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hit Parade

It seems like every year the husband and I forget about the town parade. The fire truck sirens and marching band drum cadence awake us before we are ready to leave the land of nod. Thus we usually watch the procession from behind our picture window in the studio. Our town has the typical parade affair---bands, tractors, politicians in vintage cars....and it tends to add a few dashes of the unusual. I miss the days of the Shriners in their little zippy cars and way cool fez hats ( as a child I so wanted this honor in a parade when I someday became an adult...)
Portage Frosted Food Float: Complete with menu and faux hams and sausage links.

Square Dancing Troop of Senior Citizens. They are talented enough to dance on a moving well as doing it to the tune of "We're Coming To America".

The Bunny Bus of...Magic. Cute or terrifying? It was hard for us to decide.

The Show Stopper. The best and most bizarre of the day. This float was from a local restaurant featuring a pig with a sign that said "eat chicken", a cow that said "eat pork", a chicken that said to "eat beef"....and some dude in a very cool pot asking that you "eat pasta". It is great to think that these people sat around a table at one point and shared this vision for their float. And I love that the candy-passer-outers were wearing chef hats!

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Mason Dixie said...

I miss the old fireman's parades in town, the penny candy and loud sirens. Oh the summers past.