Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rainbow in a box

Ah. What a long night. I worked four pallets or so of household chemicals. Such a nice thing for me to have done. As a manager I could have, should have, barked order for others to get the job done. Alas, I always try to prove my affection for others by working insane hours and stretching my self thin. The power of "no"?
Thus I arrived home dirty and disgruntled (because as I was sweating away working freight so my people could focus on their area----I discovered they were having a breezy evening chit chatting with each other just a few aisles over. An old store manager used to refer to me as the "Hammer". I dislike feeling like the "Hammer"---it can be so negative. But the hammer is coming tomorrow night. I will work---but I will also be respected.
After all the I finally find my way home. And there on the kitchen table is a postal box for me. A week or so ago I ordered a stash of felt squares. Lame, you say? Well as a woman that has lusted to be a serious artist I have shied away from the "crafty" side of things. Such as painted ceramic bears, vest with seasonal appliques (the kind teachers have for every holiday), and dolls with yarn for hair. What I refer to as "country crafty crap." I swore I would never sew or ever use something lovely like felt in my work.
Aging is funny. Ten years ago I would not eat a mushroom to save my life or own a piece of felt. Now I adore portebella sandwiches and love dear (home of the DIY crafter movement).
I want to join the handmade revolution! So I am learning to sew and I am using felt.
Oh felt! How I love thee---but how difficult to find a variety of color outside the basic 8 crayon colors. Enter Etsy. A seller had a slew of colors---and I ordered them.
They arrived to day---and when I open the box---even though I knew the content---it was a rainbow in a box. A rainbow that pointed to possibilities and, with hope, a way out of the machine.
Yeah for felt!

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Leisha Camden said...

Hi!! I just wanted to let you know that I love this photo. It's a beautiful detail. :-) In fact I loved it so much that I stole it ;-) and posted it to my blog - crediting it to you of course and linking to your blog - I hope you don't mind!

Good luck with your art ... !! :-)