Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Many apologies for my break in blogging. Please note that I did meet the November Blogging Challenge---and made posts (big and small) for every day of my birth month. Understand that this is the most hectic and tiring month out of the year for a veteran retailer....thus my post will become more sporadic. For those who read and watched for the entire month----Thank you! Merci! I really do adore being a blogger---and using it as a way to keep in touch with the friends and family while I haunt third shift.
Above is the b-day present from my mom. He was waiting for me on the front porch on the b-day. Officially he is Comet...member of the Krinkle Reindeer club. To me...he is my new Harlem Globe Trotter Reindeer. The sneakers are splendid! (Note: I used to love when the Globe Trotters made a special appearance on Scooby Do...did you?)


Mason Dixie said...

I remember those scooby do shows too. It was the best when they visited the show. how fun

Shauna said...

Comet is adorable - what a fun gift!! Happy Holidays!