Friday, November 14, 2008


I share an office at work with nine other members of management. Most of the time my little area of our headquarters is organized. The others tend to let their work mingle in the office. On the cork board above my area of the desk hung various little pieces of inspiration from my a way to keep me going. Pictures of my art, family members, zany birthday cards and postcards of artist I adore often spark conversations with other associates and visitors. Even my market manager thought my holographic image of the Mona Lisa that turns into a skeleton was cool...something different to look think about. I arrive to work after my days off to discover the office has been cleaned. All the miscellaneous manager paperwork is gone. And my inspiration board was taken down and put into a box for me to take home. I was so hurt and angry that someone threw my stuff in a box. I agree the office needed to be more organized...but now we are only allowed to have one picture frame on our shelf, one wire cup for writing utensils and one wire basket for "in" papers. It was apparent that the time to re-arrange the office was more important than cleaning our backroom or taking care of inventory issues that are effecting our current negative sales in the store. As I looked at my box full of stuff I felt really disjointed from the company I have given 13 years of my working life. The world can be such an amazing beautiful place....just not in my store. They pack it into a box and tell you to take it home.


George said...

They are a horrible company. For a sec I thought you were fired. I was so happy.

Mason Dixie said...

You know at Target they encourage you to bring in pieces of your life and memorabilia to spruce up your office, which I do not share. That really bites that they would do that to you. sorry

Anonymous said...

Even the Army will let you express your identity. I would have had some heads for touching my stuff.