Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Let me make one thing very clear: when it comes to music I am a fan of a man and his guitar...Johnny Cash, Tom Petty. Neil Young...and a few women like Kaki King and Sarah Harmer. So when I tell you that I am a new fan of Beyonce's album I am sure you are shocked liked me. What won me over was her little video Single Ladies---that I heard on NPR of all places. And if it is interesting enough for NPR to talk about for fifteen minutes then I just had to see the video for myself. What happened next? I have now watched the video numerous times, it is now on the i-pod for the gym, I desire tap shoes and dancing lessons and am asking Santa for a dose of talent in my stocking this holiday morning. Her voice may be kind of flat...and she is void of guitar skills...but yet she plays a part in product that I now admit I like (even the silly publicity photo above)....I want to be Fierce, too. (Note: the feminist part of my soul must be on holiday or something for this new obsession to sneak in...)

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Leisha Camden said...

Complete OT comment: I got the turtle postcard yesterday, thank you so much! I love it! I put pictures of it up on my blog and I'm going to put the actual card up on my wall. :-) Thank you, I really appreciate it so much. You are so sweet. :-)