Friday, October 17, 2008

Mi hermano

My brother is in the Army.
To me he is amazing...and an inspiration. At times I may be very anti-war, anti-government (thanks to a hippie conspiracy theorist father)....but I am very pro-brother. He joined last year at the age of 28 and went to boot camp with a bunch of young pups right out of high school. Since then he has become an officer, a tank commander, finished a type of leadership combat training, and is headed to Ranger School. When I was 28 I was finishing my last year of college and getting married to some goofy guy I met in sculpture class. This November I pray that my vote matters...that the man elected in to office cares about people like my brother. He has yet to see active duty...but I believe there is no better man to protect other soldiers and other civilians in a time of war than my brother. God to me is tricky thing...but I do pray for all those involved in our world with this messy war. I pray for my brother...that his tender heart, physical strength, and intelligence will serve our Army well.

My brother in his beret....his is for the army....mine is for the arts (see that little pic in my profile)...what a family...

My Brother is all the way on the right....the handsome dude sans hair. The other three men are friends of his. The one on the left I have known since his little league and pee-wee football days...

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